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When you use RecordsOnline, you are opening the door to more than just an online records resource. Celia C. Flowers owns or is affiliated with a group of interrelated companies operating out of the East Texas area. In addition to RecordsOnline, this group of companies includes:
• A law practice with emphasis on real estate and oil and gas law (Flowers Davis PLLC)
• A group of title companies, licensed in eighteen East Texas Counties (East Texas Title Companies)
• A company that provides title searches and tax certificates (East Texas Tax and Land Services)

This aggregation of companies was created to provide a full menu of services to our real estate and oil and gas clients. Clients of one company often enjoy the benefits of established relationships and having a one-stop shop for all of their title, oil and gas, and real estate related needs.  Below is a list of advantages that further explore why it's to your advantage to have a group of companies working for you.

User Friendly Software/Interface 

Access the Plant Any Time, Anywhere, on Any Device using Any Internet Browser

Search Multiple Counties at Once

Geographically Indexed Records
- by Survey, Abstract, Acreage, Subdivision.  More info...

Reliable Records
- backed by names you know and trust - Celia C. Flowers and East Texas Title Companies.  More info...

Multiple Search Options - geographic, grantor/ee, instrument type, etc.  More info...

Archive and Share Runsheets - saved indefinitely, share with crew members.  More info...

Training at Your Fingertips - our library of video tutorials get you started and keep you going. More info...

Affordable Copies - print/print to pdf for the same price as courthouse copies.  More info...

NEW! Notification System Coming Soon - receive push notifications when any new records are filed on a property or a person!

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Geographically Indexed Records
In counties where ETTC owns licensed abstract plants, RecordsOnline is a true online abstract plant, which means the records are geographically indexed. If you’ve ever spent time looking at all the documents from an online Grantor/Grantee search, you will appreciate this feature. Geographic indexing weeds out irrelevant documents, which saves you time and money. (We are adding additional counties in areas not served by ETTC; in these cases, we'll provide you with the best possible search criteria we can obtain from the county clerk or the title company and then work to "scrub" the records for accuracy and consistency).

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Reliable Records
In the counties where ETTC owns licensed abstract plants, our records are reliable, backed by East Texas Title Companies’ commitment to quality and a name you know and trust: Celia Flowers, Attorney & Owner. You have additional peace of mind knowing that the ETTC-owned plants are licensed and audited by the Texas Department of Insurance; TDI requires us to update our records within two weeks of county records updates, so you’re always getting the latest information available. If you do happen to find an error or omission, just use our online error reporting, and we guarantee all issues will be addressed quickly. You will be notified when the issue is resolved, and all updates will flow through to your runsheet

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Multiple Search Options 
Searches are lightning-fast and (unless otherwise noted) available by Survey, Abstract Number, Instrument Type, Date Range, Acreage Range, Volume/Page, Grantor and/or Grantee and Lot and Block or Subdivision. Most documents are indexed with brief land descriptions so you can see if your tract is involved at a glance, even with the most basic search criteria.

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Archive and Share Runsheets
Running more than one tract at a time? No problem! With RecordsOnline, you can create, edit, view and print runsheets directly from the plant. All of your runsheets are STORED INDEFINITELY under your username.  That's right - they are there until you delete them, so you can add to, edit, or refer back to them at any time.  Additionally, you can SHARE your runsheet with other people on your crew - all you need is their user name, and with a click of a button, you have handed off a tract!  See our tutorial to find out how easy it is to share!

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Basic and Advanced Training

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Affordable Copies
No more breaking down books or waiting for others to make your copies. With RecordsOnline, you can view documents and print them for the same price as courthouse copies. You can even PRINT TO PDF and eliminate scanning and saving later!

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